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    Are your products environmentally friendly?
    They sure are! We can trace all of our products back to their source and are all Ecocert, Ecoguarantie and Vegan Society Approved. The products we use strive to lower Co2 emissions and are financing the reforestation of forests in collaboration with PRIMA-KLIMA e.V.
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    What Materials do you use?
    Organic and Fair Trade materials are used, these are as close to nature as possible and impact the environment minimally. We use Vegan Approved cleaning materials along with Organic Essential Oils such as Orange, Rose, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Lavender and more!!! along with Organic Coconut Oil. All of these are registered with the Vegan Society Website.
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    Are all of your products certified as Vegan?
    Yes! We firmly believe that our furry friends should not be tested, prodded and poked! All of our cleaning products are registered with The Vegan Society and you can rest assured we will always keep it this way!!!
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    Are your products suitable for everyone?
    As our products are made with natural ingredients they are especially suitable for those with allergies, sensitive skin, pets, children and more. We do not use any harsh chemicals or toxins in our products. The health benefits are unbeatable for you and your family and we are constantly updating and adding products to our list to give your home the care it deserves, the results are spectacular!